No Long Contracts

Unlike a lot of marketing companies, SEO companies etc. who require you to be tied into a lengthy contract with loads of small print, mine is very simple I work month by month for you, it’s up to me to keep delivering and no long contracts for you. My belief is I need to provide a return on your investment, so even in month 1 you will see a return on your money – if I am providing marketing then it has to create sales.


If you would like a no obligation quotation, please call, either mobile or landline it will be me – Chris Jenkinson who answers the phone. It’s difficult to put a price to marketing as it depends what your requirements are, but my belief is to always create value, so marketing should deliver sales.

“Within a few days we were quoting for new jobs and just taken a substantial order.. amazing!”

I work with all business types, my clients have included nationally recognised names, to small local businesses, to large businesses and PLCs, all looking for a marketing resource who will deliver. Just have a look through the client and testimonial pages to see some of the companies and businesses I work with – plus many of these business owners will happily give you references and I can give you direct contact details to do this.

“We spent a lot of time looking for a marketing company to undertake our marketing and new product launch – we have to say we have been extremely impressed with the work that has been undertaken and are very happy to recommend.”


Payments can be made via Bank Transfer, Credit & Debit Cards, Cheque & Paypal. VAT is charged at the current rate.

You Seem To Be Very Busy Have You The Time To Take On Another Client?

The simple answer is yes, I manage my time effectively and know what needs to be done.

40 plus 4

We Are A Small Business / Large Company Can You Work With Us?

I work with all sizes of businesses, all industries, and with new and established businesses, all UK and internationally. If you have look through the Clients’ Page or Testimonials you will get an idea of the different businesses I work with and if you would like to know more you can speak to me direct by calling either of the numbers on my contact page.

‘We have experienced a continual flow of inquiries and an ever increasing pipeline of new opportunities from the UK and internationally. We now regard Chris as an integral part of our management team and happy to endorse his services.’

If you need references I can provide direct telephone numbers of business owners and directors I have worked with, or am working with, so you can be assured of the benefit of employing me.
Search Engine Marketing / SEO / Web Marketing

Many companies will charge you by keyword, for me SEO is more than one keyword on page two or three it is maximizing your sales opportunities through the hundreds and sometimes thousands of search terms your potential customers will be searching for. Included are website analysis and the improvement of traffic and conversion to sales. As with any of the marketing I undertake it is all about creating a return on investment to you.
Can You Get Our Website Onto Page 1?

I can give you lots of examples of this, just have a look at the SEO Results page. Unlike many other so called ‘SEO Agencies’ I can improve website rankings.

“Within a very short time Chris has made an impact to our online e-commerce business and I am very happy to recommend him. He started work right away and we were seeing results within a few days.”

How Long Would This Take?

I have been able to get websites ranked for their main keywords in less than a couple of months, it depends on the competition for the particular keyword, but I will be able to give you a rough idea when you call.

How Much Do You Charge For SEO?

Pricing depends on the industry and competitiveness of the search terms relating to your business – please call me or email me for a quote – at no obligation and no hard sell. I’ll just contact you once with the information, it is up to you whether you wish to employ me or not. You should think of SEO as an investment and a high ranking website near enough guarantees a sales pipeline, just think of your own searching experience, but also along with this a high ranking website can add value to your company as an asset.
Since Chris has been working with us, our website is now found for hundreds of keyword searches from all over the world.

We are a web development company – can we outsource our SEO to you?

Yes, I’m very happy to take on white label work or work as if I were your employee.

Internet Advertising

Undertaking online advertising such as Google Adwords can be expensive and provide little return. I can not only offer you my expertise in advertising and setting up campaigns but also provide you with a FREE £75 Google Advertising voucher to start your advertising campaign. Your advertising account can be set up to be paid for by yourself or I can manage all of this and charge you on a monthly basis for the advertising undertaken.