How To Find A Good SEO Company

Your shiny new website is the best thing you’ve ever launched. It’s fully optimised, the content is engaging, the navigation’s great – what’s not to like?

Only there’s a hiccup . . .

You’re not getting anywhere near the number of ‘hits’ you predicted when you persuaded your colleagues to splash the cash on website development. You’re not achieving the search engine rankings either. What’s gone wrong?

Doing your own SEO is tough. Keeping up with Google’s latest algorithm changes is a challenge in itself, in addition to all the other daily hassles that can beset you. And SEO isn’t something you can do once then happily leave to its own devices – it’s a marathon and you’re in it for the long haul.

So it comes down to a straight choice: do I spend more time working on my SEO? or working on my business?

There’s a very simple answer: Play to your strengths.

If you’ve decided it’s time to outsource your SEO then the next question you should ask is:

How do I find a good SEO company?

SEO isn’t just about being found for a search phrase or keywords it is about being found for what people are looking for related to your business – volume searches – searches that will bring in sales. Many SEO companies will try and get you to agree to something they know has little competition and will be easy for them to get you ranked for. For you as a business it’s no good being ranked for something that very few people use as a search term, you need to be appearing for the high volume searches for your industry and business. You need a company that will help you get ranked for the right search terms and also make sure that there is a good visitor experience which results in sales and enquiries for you.

A good SEO marketing company which can successfully undertake SEO and internet marketing will provide many benefits over and above an SEO company, agency or consultant. Of course you will want to attract more visitors to your site, but more than that you want ‘quality leads’. Customers who are in the decision-making process of the buying cycle, rather than simply casual browsers – so more Search Experience Optimisation then just SEO.

Your company’s knowledge and ability to generate impressive SEO results is more important than where they are based. A client list can be helpful though. Who are these people working with currently? Who have they worked for in the past? What results have they achieved? Equally important, what do their past and present clients say about them? How informative are the company’s testimonials? Are they specific and not ‘woolly’?

With an estimated 20 per cent of searches now carried out on mobile devices, you will also need your target audience to be able to find you wherever they happen to be. Your chosen SEO specialist can optimise your website for customers ‘on the go.’

One thing you must ensure is that you are not tied into a long contract – so look for a company who is willing to work on a rolling contract. A good SEO marketing company will have the experience and confidence to offer you a competitive deal on their services – because they will know they can deliver.