Gain More Sales

In the 1970s it was reckoned that the average person was exposed to 500 advertisements every day. Nowadays that figure has risen dramatically as you might expect – it’s anything from 3000-5000 according to whose stats you believe. In any case, it’s a lot.

Because we are constantly being bombarded with “buy me” messages, unless somebody offers advertising which is exciting, witty, or downright irreverent, it’s all too easy to become indifferent. Indeed, I’ve been present at several friends’ houses when they have reached for the mute button on the remote control every time there is an ad break. Talk about advertising falling on deaf ears!

As any marketing consultant will confirm, inbound marketing can be an effective way of attracting more customers or clients to your business, providing you know those customers inside out. Inbound marketing works particularly well if you wish to target a particular sector or niche market. The more information you have about your ideal customer demographic the easier it will be to create engaging content which appeals to them. To use a ‘fishing’ analogy we need to hook them and reel them in.

If you know that your target audience spends a large chunk of their leisure time on YouTube then an innovative video is more likely to grab their attention than an article. Pinterest is one of the hottest business tools around right now, but only if your ideal customer uses it too. And of course, Facebook and Twitter can be great places to interact with your customer base on a social footing.

And your ultimate aim here is for your ‘fan base’ to feel like they’ve discovered you, rather than you seeking them out (I won’t tell).

As consumers we like to feel we’re in control of digital technology. We want to choose where to bestow our attention and to whom. We don’t mind advertising providing the offering is relevant to us.

So create your inbound marketing content with an end goal in mind – namely – making it shareable. If you produce an innovative video, infographic, or Pinterest board that your target audience loves, they will want to share it with their peer group. Before you know it, you could have a viral marketing campaign on your hands.

And as with every marketing activity you do, make sure you measure every element so that you will know what works best for you. Once you know that, you can simply do more of the same.